API Development

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) play a key role in delivering seamless digital experiences. If you’ve ever worn a fitness tracker, used a social media app, bought anything online or booked a taxi from your mobile device, you’re already benefiting from APIs.
An API is a set of functions, documentation, protocols and tools for building software applications. They are typically used to expose data or services that can be consumed by other applications. Depending on their purpose, APIs can be used internally, with partners or made available to the general public.
Modern APIs are the standard by which companies exchange data and connect 3rd party applications to each other and the data that they consume. Most new software demands a good API strategy.
We work with businesses to develop secure, scalable, testable and well documented bespoke APIs which connect with 3rd party apps or legacy systems. Our team have over 20 years experience developing APIs for SME’s, enterprises and start-ups using the latest technology.

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